Submissions for publication in the Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club Newsletter
"Wood And Water"
must meet the following requirements.
Please read them carefully. They are provided to avoid wasting my time or yours. If your question is not answered here, contact me. If a questions gets asked repeatedly, I will add the answer to this list to help others.

Material must concern OLAS WBC activities, or address the goals of the Club, or be related to wooden boats in some way that is of interest to our members. Inclusion is entirely at the discretion of the Editor. Authors of articles are not required to be members. No payment is made for articles. All articles may be altered by the editor to suit editorial requirements.

All submissions must be digital, preferrably submitted by Email, but mailed CD's or floppies are also acceptable. No hardcopy will be accepted. No telephone submissions or communications will be accepted without prior arrangement.

I will try to acknowledge every submission received. Acknowledgment will be by Email. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within a week, it is likely that your submission was not received. Oversize files sent by Email will be deleted automatically without notifying me (see file size restrictions below).

500K Maximum size for any single file, or for any Email including attachments.
Oversize files will be refused delivery and deleted by an automatic Email filter - they won't even be seen by me.

Photographic images must be JPG format, with a maximum dimension of 800 pixels either way.
Black-and-white line illustrations can be TIF format (subtype CCIT3 or CCIT4 are most compact) with a maximum dimension of 800 pixels either way.
Contact the Editor before sending images if other formats are essential for some reason.
Images should not be embedded in the document, but sent as separate attachments.
The article document should include an image-file-name list with a caption or description for each image, and the name of the photographer or artist.

Article written content can be in the following document formats:
plain text
HTML/email (web page)
RTF(rich text)
WordPerfect 6 or earlier
MSWord-97 or earlier
MSWorks-4 or earlier
If you have a version of MSWord after '97', save your document in RTF format, or as an earlier WORD version which preserves all necessary formatting.

free to members for personal ads
$10 per issue for non-members personal ads
$20 per issue for commercial ads
Suggested word limit of 50.
Photos may be included - they will be printed at a size of approximately 2" horizontal.

Material for newsletters must be received by the editor on or before:
for issue #1, Winter - deadline Dec 1 (published Jan 1)
for issue #2, Spring/Summer - deadline Apr 1 (published May 1)
for issue #3, Fall - deadline Sep 1 (published Oct 1)

PAST EVENTS reports:
Events being reported should have occurred since the last newsletter publication, but articles covering earlier events of special interest will be considered.

UPCOMING EVENTS announcements:
(#1) Winter - covers period Jan to May inclusive
(#2) Spring/Summer - covers period May to September inclusive
(#3) Fall - covers period September to January inclusive
There is no charge for Events Calendar items but inclusion is at the discretion of the Editor.
Please do let us know what your community group or club is doing if it relates to wooden boats.

EDITOR: Larry Westlake, [email protected]