Oct 4, 2004 Reconstructed site with same content but cleaned up cells and navigation bars. Added this page to track changes.
Oct 5, 2004 Added membership form pdf
Oct 6, 2004 Added email for comments to webmaster. Fixed up contacts email, previously was pointing into tumbolia. Emails now come to me (AW)
Oct 9, 2004 Added Events Calendar
Oct 13, 2004 Added OSBUG rules and application form
Oct 18, 2004 Updated Vogler Current Status
Oct 21, 2004 Added Fall Newsletter
Nov 11, 2004 Added Members' Boats Section
Nov 16, 2004 Split Member's Boats section into Members' Boats and Club boats under 'My wooden boat' Added pic from Da Vinci's Inquest
Nov 20, 2004 Added Burtt's "Whisper" to Our Wooden Boats
Nov 22, 2004 Added link to Silva Bay Boatyard School, they've promised to link back to us.
Dec 5, 2004 Added link to new bulletin board at www.oarlockandsail.com
Dec 6, 2004 Added new boat to MWBs. Changed BB link to launch from a new page. This works better with the Navigation Bar
Dec 8, 2004 Added DKs and MRs boats to MWBs.
Dec 11, 2004 Added BB & GS boats to MWB, X-link to SWBANS
Feb 9, 2005 Added JR's Jeanette, updated events calendar
March 10, 2005 Added Gartside Pram sections, Vogler history plus other minor additions
March 23, 2005 Updated Vogler status with new pictures.
March 29, 2005 Added spring 2005 newsletter
May 14, 2005 Added new (but still empty) OSBUG section; other minor updates.
Aug 17, 2005 A few new Vogler pictures
Aug 19, 2005 Uploaded summer 2005 newsletter (the handliner special edition)
Sept 27, 2005 Updated events calendar
Oct 18, 2005 Added pictures from Vogler Launch Day
Oct 23, 2005 Added Bill Boyd's Miss Millie to the Members' boat page
Apr 27, 2006 Posted spring/summer 2006 newsletter